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“The key word for the band Rockchild is absolutely; energy.

Based out of Los Angeles, Rockchild is one of those bands that is the reason Shep FM exists. After they turned heads with their promo EP; Rockchild offered up the 2012 album Living on Fire, and it succeeds where many artists fail. From the driving rock elegance of their single “Against a Man” to the mind-twisting guitar accents on efforts such as “Live on Fire,” Rockchild places the eardrums in a cornucopia of sound that covertly immerses both the soul and the senses.

Living on Fire is one of those rare gems that can entrance your mind and center your body with the pure energetic experience that typically only a live show can offer. This album stands out from many because Rockchild is not a band that will give you an album with a couple of good rock songs mixed with a mash-up of soulless, trending modern rock–it is actual real rock with a purpose. Depth and variety can be found on every one of the 11 songs on the album Living on Fire; it is as if this band has been able to hone their craft through centuries of working together. This is not only an album that I am proud to add to my collection, but this is an incredible rising band that I can only hope will continue to work with Shep FM as their natural talent allows them to progress to heights that most artists never reach.”

-Shep  Source: ShepFM!__rockchild

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