•                                   Matthew Roseman – Lead Vocals
  •         Nathan Galli – Guitar                                  .
  •   Stu Gotz – Guitar / Backing Vocals
  •      Joe Mama – Bass
  •      Fry Ferrini– Drums
In a malaised scene redundant with one Indy “Rock” act after another, Los Angeles based ROCKCHILD delivers a much needed catharsis with their powerful fulfilled sound. Drawing inspiration from alternative, pop and blues, ROCKCHILD creates a harmonious blend allowing catchy, thought provoking lyrics to sail pristinely over unabashed guitar driven musical melodies.After mounting success following their demo EP and touring extensively throughout Southern California, Rockchild hit the studio and released their debut full length album, LIVING ON FIRE, (2012) produced, recorded and mixed by Juan Carlos Suarez (Stone Heavy Sound, CA) mastered by Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound, NYC).